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L.E. Are you preparing for the cross country? We’ve been getting ready too, and we’ll be getting ready a bit more, until next week because it’s been postponed to Saturday, April 20, starting at 10:00 am in Al. Ioan Cuza, when we’ll see you in the mood for a run in friendlier weather. We love the rain, but combined with the wind it kind of stops us from enjoying the activities. We look forward to seeing you on 20.04!

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The 11th edition of the most loved Children’s Cross Country Run – Health Champions awaits again this year hundreds of children and parents, who want to run together hand in hand, learning to work together, paying attention to the pace of their team partner. Although sport in general stimulates competition, the special concept of this event promotes since 2010 the close child-parent relationship, together with everything that a healthy life for a child means: quality family time, outdoor sports and healthy eating with vegetables and fruits.

Children and parents are expected to run


Saturday, 13 April, starting at 10:00 in Al. Ioan Cuza Park. Pairs of parents and children linked hand in hand will run to promote healthy living for the little ones and generosity. Funds raised from registrations and donations will support MagiCAMP projects for the benefit of children. Register now on: Health Champions registration

The organizing associations, Elite Running, EMOVERE and Ro Club Marathon invite year after year children and parents to cross country runs with different routes depending on the age of the child. The little ones are tied with a 1 metre ribbon to a parent’s hand and run encouraged by the Irinuca girls, who at the end reward them with tasty apples and medals as health champions.

Children aged between 4 months and 2 years are expected to play sports with their parents in the Baby Loves Gymarea , where the KinetoBebe Association’s physiotherapists demonstrate exercises suitable for the various stages of babies’ development .

The races for older children are organized by age categories as follows:

  • 2 – 3 years (girls, boys)
  • 4 – 5 years (girls, boys)
  • 6 – 8 years (girls, boys)
  • 9 – 11 years (girls, boys

)The children who finish the races are also invited to fun games on the grass, organized by the team of the Courses For Life Association together with mom blogger Oana Văideanu. The parent-child games will give the opportunity for family collaboration, strengthening the relationship and laying the foundation for a child’s increased self-esteem.Register now on: Health Champions registration

Registration forthe cross country races can be done on: Health Champions registration or on site, by paying 20 lei, which is the participation fee. Each parent-child running couple will receive a kit – Health Champions with competition number and healthy apples from Irinuca. For the children’s enjoyment, at the end of the races children will be invited to the puppet theatre. Irinuca the puppet and Mrs. Apple (actress Violeta Mitescu) will learn together with the little ones, how it is healthy to live, if you are a Health Champion.

Let’s start the good deeds

This year the Health Champions are running for children in need and their families, beneficiaries of MagiCAMP projects. The first MagiCAMP camps for children with serious medical conditions brought with them, beyond the overwhelming emotions, the discovery of the huge needs they and their families have. Each of these needs and problems became a project, in two main directions: entertainment projects and social projects. Last year, over 300 children with cancer, burns or who have lost a loved one came to MagiCAMP camps. In addition to the MagiCAMP camps, where children come without parents, the MagiCAMP Association has created MagicTICKET. A holiday for children and parents to rediscover the joy of being a family. MagicBOX is a monthly aid that goes out to extremely hard-pressed families. Spending a lot of time in hospital with children, the MagiCAMP team has realised how distressed these families are and how much they need the guidance of a therapist. That’s how the Psychological Counselling Centre, for parents and children, was born.Sign up now on: Health Champions sign up

Funds raised at Health Champions 2019 will support these MagiCAMP projects also detailed on Donations can be made by clicking on the Goodwill link .
Health Champions is an event made possible with the support of: MagiCAMP Association, Kineto Bebe Association, City Hall of Sector 3 BucharestMain partner: Decathlon RomaniaSponsors: Bonduelle, Aqua CarpaticaMain media partner: Itsy Bitsy FM*******Elite Running is an association of sports lovers who share the joy of spending their free time running in nature. Our workouts are cheerful and the atmosphere is friendly. Many of those who have joined us have responded early on to the challenge to change their lifestyle and pay more attention to their health. But after many trainings, they discover new resources and want to improve themselves in every competition, becoming “elite runners”.EMOVERE is an association of counselling, education and emotional support founded in 2007 by a group of psychologists, doctors, teachers, journalists interested in the healthy development of children and families, in the harmonious integration of each individual in the surrounding world. EMOVERE members are actively involved in the definition and implementation of healthy development principles in everyday life.Ro Club Maraton is the first club of amateur marathon runners in Romania, which gathers many members from big cities in Romania and successfully represents Romania in marathons all over the world. The club’s activity includes weekly training sessions in parks in Bucharest: Al. Ioan Cuza, Herăstrău and Tineretului. At these meetings information is shared about healthy living at any age, about the practical science of running, about respect for body and nature. *******For further information, please contact:Monica Popescu – EMOVERE Association Mobile: 0726240494

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