Self-esteem is built with love and time

On Saturday, I participated together with people with big hearts in the 11th edition of the Health Champions Cross Country Run organized by Emovere. The run encourages the parent and child to run together hand in hand, learning to collaborate, to pay attention to the pace of the team partner.

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Although sport in general stimulates competition, the special concept of this event promotes since 2010 the close relationship between child and parent, along with everything that means a healthy life for a child: quality family time, outdoor sports and healthy eating, with vegetables and fruit.Our role was to invite parents and children who have already finished the race, to play outdoors until the awards. What did we think?DOSV0730We then offered them to choose between two parent-child collaborative activities, one more creative and the other motor skills, as follows:

  • To write four verses containing the words: movement, happy, healthy and I trust myself.
  • Carry a ball a distance of 10 metres without hands.

Parents and children participated enthusiastically and we happily guided them through the activities, discussing the importance of quality time together where the child has the opportunity to guide play. Here’s what came out:

Today it’s Saturday and sunnyAnd I came to exercise


trust myself,That I’m healthy and well IMG 2891 e1555966243392I trust myself,


‘m healthy and feel good,I exercise because I’m lovedAnd I’m very happyI trust myselfWhen daddy’s with meHappy and healthy,After the exercise I ate a tasty apple

It’s hard to be a parent, to divide yourself between all the necessary daily living, child, time for yourself, education and more. We all do better or worse. I just want to say that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes and to ask for help, it happens to all of us.IMG 2926The run was organized for the benefit of MagiCAMP, with the help of Kineto Bebe association , Bucharest Sector 3 City Hall, Elite Running association, Ro Club Maraton association, main partner: Decathlon Romania, sponsors: Bonduelle, Aqua Carpatica, main media partner: Itsy Bitsy FM.See here what workshops we offer to children and contact us to tell us about it! 🙂

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