What do children like about our workshops?

We started the afterschool program last year. After a year of collaboration with Afterschool Alex and Friends we received the following message from the children, via Angela Șchiopu, director and founder. ————————————————————————

“Dear Oana,

I am sending you the feedback from the children that I think matters most.

To the question what they like about you and the workshops, they answered me:

  • We like the games;
  • The videos are very interesting and related to the workshop theme;
  • We like the way they talk to us;
  • They let us express ourselves freely;
  • She explains in a way that makes sense to us;
  • She answers any questions;
  • She is thoughtful with us;
  • Explains a lot through games;
  • When we don’t understand something, she explains it again;
  • She plays a lot of team games.”
Thank you for your collaboration!
Anela Șchiopu
Afterschool Director Alex and Friends
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