Internet and mobile phone, need or want?

Today the first financial and entrepreneurial education workshop took place under the umbrella of the Happy Moms Association in Brasov. How was it? Like any beginning with many challenges for us facilitators and partners who supported us. I actually wanted to tell you about the interesting discussion we had with the children about NEEDS and WANTS.

The needs and wants game consists of handing out several cards with pictures of objects to the children, who are to show them to the group and categorize them by need or want, argumentatively. We got to the mobile phone and internet cards, where do we put them, needs or wants?

This started a whole discussion and dilemma with a big gap between the different generations.Thechildren’s responses were diverse, as were the adults who responded to my Facebook challenge.

Our aim at the workshops is to encourage them to think, to question things, to come up with ideas and solutions.

Here’s what I took away



  • Willingness, because they can communicate through letters and talk on the phone through fixed networks, not necessarily needing internet and mobile.
  • Need for global connection and socialisation
  • Desire for games, movies, social networking
  • Need for rescue, firefighters, can locate people and respond faster
  • Need, to call parents in emergencies

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  • In 2019 needs without fail! Technology has evolved so fast and without internet access via a phone/laptop you can’t do much today! I think somewhere we’re also getting overwhelmed by so much technology and will never keep up with it!
  • First wants, then needs. The internet has become the mode of communication and the quick source of information.
  • In 2019? Clearly need. At certain times, at school, more and more info is found with the phone. So, necessity.
  • From our (adult) point of view it is a need. Actually our need for control (calling them to see where they are, what they are doing and so on). For the child it’s 99% desire. The desire to fit into a collective and to socialize (unfortunately socialization is moving more and more online) and of course the desire to play (the desire that drives many of us parents too 🙂 )

Hi Oana, from my point of view after a certain age phone and internet are a need not necessarily a want. I got my first mobile phone when I was 18, my peers had already had phones for a few years (about 3 years before me). I sometimes felt I didn’t fit in with their groups because I couldn’t keep up with them and didn’t fit in with the connections they often made through their phones.As for the internet, it’s useful in searching for information and documentation on different objects. Again, making a reference to my experience, while my peers were better informed and did their homework easier and had a wealth of information obtained through the internet, I was searching for my information through libraries and despairing taking notes by hand. It’s not necessarily a negative thing but I took it as a hindrance in my development.I’m of the opinion that as long as parents are careful about what they expose their children to via the phone and the internet these two factors can bring improvements in their children’s development 😀

  • Hello. For kids who are now 15, 16 years old there is no need nor desire access to the internet or phone, it’s simply the phone with Facebook and Instagram plus camera. They don’t know what it was like before and how we adults grew up today and very well for them. For them, it’s just a tool through which they “communicate” with the world. Our job as responsible adults is to show them that there is life after they turn off the phone. Today’s adults can compare how it was for them as children and how it is now. Children don’t have anything to compare it to yet. They have today’s technology and enjoy it.

How do you manage your children’s mobile phone and mobile data access? Do you have rules? What kind of rules?


children understand them, do they make sense to them?


Business Kid It is a programme aimed at familiarising children aged 7-11 with financial and entrepreneurialconcepts , using unconventional tools and non-formal methods such as storytelling, drama and specific activities.Children will receive a free booklet that costs the first two chapters of the book Mimi’s Adventures. We encourage you to buy the book and continue the activities and storytelling with the children, so you will have the following benefits:

  1. Benefit together from simplified explained notions of financial and entrepreneurial education.
  2. Spend time as a family
  3. Support the Business Kid project which will reach as many children as possible.

Royalties from the sale of the book go 100% towards funding the project. You can find the book in the Diverta network and on the link: The Adventures of Mimi LibirisRegister your child’s class to benefit from the free financial and entrepreneurial education workshop starting in September 2019. Registration can be done in the following registration form.The workshop involves the following steps:

  1. connection game
  2. discussion with the children about Mimi and what happened in the play – the aim is to get a short summary and recall the story
  3. game about what needs and wantsmean – with real life examples
  4. distributing leaflets to children
  5. brainstorming, (explaining the concept) with ideas that children can do to help Mimi raise the 350 lei for the new easel
  6. choosing 4-5 ideas that are feasible and achievable in the classroom at the time with the resources the children have (drawing, public speaking, stand-up, dance, music, etc.)
  7. working in teams of 4-6 children to put the ideas into practice – one idea per team

The workshop will last about two hours altogether and will take place in the classroom. At the end of the workshop the children will have the notions of:

  • Wishes
  • Needs
  • Coming
  • Expenses
  • Time planning

Sign up your child’s class to take advantage of the free financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshop starting September 2019. Registration can be done in the following registration form. Click on the link to read more about the projects organized by Happy Moms Association.……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………For personalized programs to increase self-confidence and develop children’s social-emotional skills, please contact us at or 0729039511, we welcome your requests and suggestions. We organize camps and offer programs for afterschool and kindergarten or school otherwise week on emotional intelligence, self-esteem, online opportunities and sex education.

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