7 steps for you and your child at the start of school

The start of school is always an exciting time for the child, but also for the adults around them. It marks a more or less enjoyable ritual that unfolds over many years of our lives as parents and children. So let’s make it enjoyable, shall we?Here are some ideas on how you can make the transition to this stage easier:

  1. Talk to your child about this time. We often underestimate the power of talk. You can tell him what’s going to happen and what you’re going to do to prepare, what time you’ll go to school, how long he’ll stay, what he’ll do there and when and how he’ll get back.
  2. Go shopping together. Every beginning of the school year Vlad and I review the items we used last year and decide what we can use and what new things are needed. We go out and buy them with an eye to what they will be like and what will happen when he uses them. It has happened to us that he is missing necessary things and is very upset about it.
  3. Plan and test out snack foods that your child can take to school. It will be a fun activity together where you can discover new things and avoid associating the start of school with snacks he doesn’t like. A good opportunity to trick the parent into thinking they are eating them when they are actually throwing them away. I encouraged Vlad all the time to bring home what he didn’t like without scolding him. Next time I put less or something else in case he didn’t like it.
  4. Start making a bedtime ritual appropriate for your school schedule. Vlad and I go to bed at 9:30 and read. Either I read to him or we each read his book, depending on how we feel like it. Important! After 8pm he has no access to the computer or phone, so his brain can relax and prepare for sleep. This way the body gets used to bedtime and waking up without the added challenge of the first week of school.
  5. Try to keep your child’s schedule as relaxed as possible, without overloading them with extracurricular activities. As he settles into the new school schedule, decide together what sports to sign him up for or other workshops of interest.
  6. Discuss the changes that will take place in the daily routine you had before school started. See what actions you can maintain and what you are willing to give up. With expectations managed, the schedule will run more smoothly.
  7. Participate with your child in organized school activities so that you get to know the parent community and the children can play together. Friendships are made faster on the playground than in the classroom and the adjustment will go more smoothly. And you as a parent will have the opportunity to connect with other parents to chat or consult when you need to.

Every beginning and end of the year, Vlad and I go to the bakery for a cookie and juice. We punctuate the moment, think about cool holiday happenings and challenges to come in the next little while. What does the start of the school year look likeforyou?For personalised programmes to boost children’s self-confidence and develop their socio-emotional skills, please contact us at coaching@oanavaideanu.com or 0729039511, we welcome your requests and suggestions. We organize camps and offer programs for afterschool and kindergarten or school otherwise week on emotional intelligence, self-esteem, online opportunities and sex education.

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