Kids have superpowers and now they know how to activate them

At the end of the holidays and the beginning of the school year more than 30,000 children and parents trained at the Itsy Bitsy Superheroes School in the Children’s World Park in Bucharest. In more than 10 hours of fun and games, the little ones learned to activate their inner superpowers: Creativity with Itsy, Courage with Bitsy, Friendship with SuperZăpă, Kindness with Spark, Energy with Spinner, Joy with DjDodi and many others, which they will keep activated throughout the school year. And so they never forget what superpowers they have, the little ones left the park with over 10,000 SuperHero bracelets.The children are set to meet their favourite heroes at radio and other events throughout the school year.Each of the Itsy Bitsy SuperHeroes had their own colourful area in the park, where all day long the children could take part in activities designed to discover and activate a particular superpower. Bitsy, for example, activated the children’s courage with wall climbing, a giant foosball game and a ghost catching game. The children were given blue brave superhero bracelets. At Itsy, pink creativity grew in all sorts of ways, with drama, drawing, pottery, 3D figure painting, workshops where children became creative pink wristband superheroes. Sports-loving children and those who want more energy met the new Itsy Bitsy SuperHero, Spinner. He challenged them with a sporty trail and healthy talks, giving them energetic red superhero bracelets. The sensory trail prepared by the new hero Spark put the children in touch with nature and activated their senses. After stepping barefoot on shells, sawdust, sand, salt, grains, leaves or even burnt coal, the children came to a tree and hugged it, connecting with nature. After this touching moment, the children activated their power of kindness and received orange bracelets. Visually impaired children also had a unique experience with the help of the Urban Development Association. They touched tactile images with Itsy and Bitsy. Thechildren’s friend, Zăpă, formed teams of children who collaborated on the colourful parachute game and activated their power of friendship. They then received green bracelets. Spark Scoala de SuperEroi Itsy Bitsy 2019In the turquoise area, music and dancing got everyone excited. A dancing train and a huge horde led by DjDodi himself got everyone excited! Dances with trendy choreographies, African drums, street dance are just some of the ways in which the superpower of joy was activated in all participants.

During the 7 hours of the show, more than 400 artists, big and small, took to the stage of the School of Superheroes, singing, dancing and doing sports demonstrations: Crescendo, Meloritm, Children’s Comedy Opera, Academy of Champions, Akura Club, Show Dance Art, Play School, Sound of Music, Trouble Crew, BimBam, Miniton, MiniRicii theatre troupe, Hi Ha Hu Academy, Five Gym, Contrapunct, Andra Gogan’ Academy, DeMoga Music Junior Camp, soloist Charlize Maalouf and other talented children. Special guests Cristina Bălan with her husband and their two little boys, the multiple world fencing champion Ana Maria Brânză, who did sports demonstrations together with children from the Romanian Fencing Federation, and the magicians Cristina Strecopîtov and Verdini also took the stage.

The children who activated their superpowers went live on the radio and talked about it throughout the day, as the Itsy Bitsy radio mobile broadcast the whole event live from the park. At the event, children had the choice between 150 educational and fun activities, carried out throughout the day in the park alleys by more than 60 educational partners: the Red Cross, UNICEF, Play School, PlaYouth, Paint 3D, Romanian Fencing Federation, Martha Atelier, Activity Associations, CONIL, AMAis, IT School, Lion tamer Adrian Asoltanie, City of Knowledge, Image School, fencing coaches, publishers with children’s books and many others.

“Children now wear superpower bracelets as colourful anchors to remind them every day of their inner powers. At any time, at home, at school and in kindergarten, children will be able to access their best selves. And we will continue to activate children’s powers every day on the radio!”

Nadia Tataru, Itsy Bitsy FM Director

Because they love having fun with children, Itsy Bitsy Super Heroes will continue playing with them at Therme. Starting October 1st, Therme becomes the training place of the superpowers. The event is supported by the Municipality of Sector 4 Bucharest and supported by: AQUA Carpatica Kids, Aquafresh, Baterel, Banca Comercială Română, Bonduelle, Danonino, Essilor, Juland by Oti, LEGO, Nesquik, Olympus, Regina Maria – Private Health Network. More information can be found on ITSY BITSY brand includes Romania’s only radio station for parents and children,, workshops for parents and children and family leisure events. Itsy Bitsy FM broadcasts over the air in Bucharest and over half of Romania. You can listen to it anywhere and anytime online via the free ITSY BITSY FM app, available in GooglePlay and AppStore. Itsy Bitsy has initiated and obtained, together with its partners, that June 1st is a national holiday for all Romanians

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