November is the month of self-confidence

November is all about self-confidence with the Self-esteem workshop on 16.11 and Emotional Intelligence on 30.11. High self-esteem is characterised by being happy with who we are. People with high self-esteem make decisions easily, they are not ashamed to stand out and it is easy for them to be successful. At the end of the Self-esteem workshop – click here to register – on 16.11 at 10:30-12:30 the children will explore:

  • How to value themselves;
  • How to be kind and understanding to themselves:
  • How to handle difficult situations;
  • How to be confident and what is the connection between mind and body (powerful poses).
  • Strong “I believe/I feel” sentences
  • That they have a place in the friendship groups and communities they are part of, how they compare to others around them or in the media and how we interact with them.

Read also Self-esteem matters – 7 things to do to increase their confidence in their own strengthsThe Emotional Intelligence Workshop – click here to register – from 30.11 at 10:30-12:30 delves into topics touched on in the activities about self-esteem to develop children’s ability to identify and manage their emotions in relation to themselves and others. At the end of the workshop they will explore:

  • What happens to them physically when they are overwhelmed by emotions and that everyone goes through the same processes (adults or children).
  • How to manage the situation when emotions arise, calming techniques.
  • How to recognise the signs of an emotional crisis in other people.

Read also Self-esteem develops in childhoodHave you made up your mind? Please note, places are limited. The price of a workshop is 100 lei per child. If you register two or more children at the same time there is a 10% discount, the same applies if you register for both workshops (discounts do not cumulate). If you have any questions reply to my email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the information or call me at 0729039511. We look forward to seeing you!

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