Do you want a class without bullying? 3 games for positive emotions

The conflicts and tensions that arise in connection with bullying have a painful core and emotional resources are needed to deal with it. Here are some ideas for teachers to influence the atmosphere in the classroom with minimal resources.In December we participated in a project where we had the opportunity to work with children from low-income families, who barely have their basic needs covered and are lucky if their parents let them go to school and do not need them to supervise younger siblings or other chores around the house. At their urging we gathered together with my psychologist colleague Diana Butnaru some games that can be done by any teacher with limited material and time resources and very high benefits. We will publish them in a series of three articles. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Here are the first three proposals for increasing the well-being in the classroom and the self-confidence of each child:Individual greeting when entering the classroomactivity to do every dayTake care of the other – empathy – activity to do every dayPictures of the three basic emotions of how I feel today. Each child has three emotions to choose in the morning and show others what mood they are in that day. The chosen picture will be placed in a place on the bench where it can be seen by all peers. Time will need to be set aside for an initial discussion about how to interact with a person who is tired, or angry.Gratitude gameactivity to do over a period of timeOrganise an activity where each child builds a gratitude jar. You can also use a cut up plastic bottle to decorate.Every day for a month each child should think of and say one thing they are grateful for. This he will write on a note and put it in his jar. This sets the brain to see the positive things and situations in his life. At an interval each takes out the notes and reads them.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-By engaging children in these activities a resource base is created that directly influences self-esteem. Thus by increasing positive emotions and directing them towards self and others exponentially decreases hostile attitudes and increases group adherence, prosocial behaviors and appropriate responses to environmental stressors.We are happy to support you with customized programs dedicated to the needs of the group you are leading. Drop us a line and we’ll meet to talk about your needs and our possibilities for supporting you. Please contact us at or 0729039511, we welcome your requests and suggestions.

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