Prevent bullying with activities that encourage good deeds

Two teachers called me this week to ask me how to stop the bullying going on in the classes they teach. Both physical and verbal bullying.
I am writing this article to encourage teachers and parents to provide a space for children to practice acts of kindness and feel the emotions that come with them. The best way to deal with a situation is prevention, not to end up in that situation.

Gestures of kindness over a longer period of time reset the brain from aggression and the body gets used to the pleasurable emotions it feels and wants more.

What benefits do you get when you do something for the person next to you?

– You reduce your stress level

– Make friends, socialise

– Set an example for others and inspire them to do the same

I suggest, for grades one to four or at home with your family, that you set a week in which you do kindnesses or acts of kindness for others as follows:

  • Monday: communicating with an elderly person
  • Tuesday: help your parents with something
  • Wednesday: Find a good deed for everyone to do
  • Thursday: Do a good deed for yourself, something that does you good
  • Friday: discuss how they felt and what their plans are for the week ahead

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