Did your parents talk to you about puberty?

Children begin to discover the body at an early age, when they look at their hands, grab things with them, then they become aware of their feet and use all their senses to discover them. The same happens with the genitals, sooner or later.

The attitude we adopt towards nudity, towards their questions or gestures they make, for example looking at another adult’s body at the pool with curiosity and how we react, will dictate the terms of our relationship with children in this respect.

They will understand from our attitude that it’s okay, and even enjoy coming to us with questions, or they will avoid anything that touches on the subject.

Below you will find information on how and what to say to girls, who quickly ask themselves “Why do I have butterflies in my stomach?” Puberty in girls or boys discussing among themselves “Why do girls chase me?” Puberty in boys.
If you don’t know how to start the discussion with your child but want them to be informed correctly, sign them up for the workshop for 10-12 year olds on 14-17.04 at 10:00. We’ll lay the groundwork and you can continue the discussion we start. Have you decided? Click on the link to fill in the registration form. I invite you to sign them up for the workshop to learn about:

  • Girls’ bodies and scientific words describing body parts
  • Boys’ bodies and scientific words describing body parts
  • Changes at puberty
  • Menstruation and nocturnal erections
  • Reproduction
  • Hygiene rules
  • Emotional fluctuations
  • When we start a relationship

Haven’t made up your mind? Think your child is too young to talk to? That he’s not curious or doesn’t have access to information? The link answers some of the questions children aged 7-11 asked at the beginning of the workshop: Seven questions and answers about body science.

If you need other free resources, write me at coaching@oanavaideanu.com and I’ll send you ideas on how to build an open relationship on this topic.

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