1uniFEST – Home Parties Festival for Romanian Children Abroad

Children who have been in isolation for so many months now have the chance to party #together with friends from all over the planet at the biggest celebration of June 1st – 1uniFEST – the Children’s Home Party Festival. After getting 1 June to be a national holiday, Itsy Bitsy is now connecting kids and parents everywhere in the biggest online festival ever, which will last 3 days and 3 nights, just like in the fairytales. 72 hours of non-stop online video and radio with stories, games, music, dance, theatre, magic, interactive parties will be available for free from 30 May at 00:00.

Romanian children in the diaspora, who are in a different time zone, will also celebrate Children’s Day in connection with the country, being able to go live via phone and chat. SuperHeroes Itsy and Bitsy, SuperZap, Spinner, Spark and DjDodi will activate children’s inner powers so they can resist as many parties as possible.

More than 100 artists and children’s organisations have prepared moments of family fun. Her Majesty Margareta, the Custodian of the Romanian Crown, will be the special guest of Itsy Bitsy SuperHeroes and will talk about childhood, sending messages of support to children and parents. Smiley, Feli, Sore, Andreea Marin, Cristina and Gabriel Bălan, Geanina Ilieș, Monica Davidescu and Aurelian Temișan, Melania Medeleanu, Vlad Voiculescu, Alina Sorescu, Ioana Macoveiciuc, Virgil Popescu, Oana Sîrbu, Călin Goia, Marian Râlea, Andra Gogan, Nicu Alifantis, Virgil Ianțu, Bianca Brad, vloggers like Mimi and Aluziva and many other artists and supporters of children have prepared special video surprises for the children at 1uniFEST.

“After 14 years in a row of spending Children’s Day outdoors with the children of Bucharest, and last year we met over 80,000 parents and children at 1uniFEST, now we will gather even more to celebrate June 1st. Online there are no borders and #together we can reach Romanian children everywhere. We’ve gathered so many contributors who are dedicated to children’s activities that I can’t wait for festival participants to come and enjoy our gifts. 1uniFEST is a festival for both children and adults, because in everyone’s heart there is a child who still wants to play. Let’s take him out to play at least once a year, on his birthday!”, Nadia Tataru co-founder of Itsy Bitsy FM.

1uniFEST – Children’s Home Party Festival includes online programmes for the hearing impaired, translated into sign language by Maria – Lavinia Chitsu. Children and parents can watch the whole VIDEO LIVE programme for FREE on www.itsybitsy.ro/1iunifest and can actively participate throughout 1uniFEST, via real-time text messages via chat. Children can also take part in interactive ZOOM parties by Itsy Bitsy Super Heroes if they register in advance on www.itsybitsy.ro.

1unifest is organised with the support of partners BCR – School of Money, Covalact, Essilor, ETI and IKEA.



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