7 fun games for Halloween or other parties



Whether it’s birthdays, themed parties or other special moments worth celebrating, I suggest below 7 fun games that are sure to bring lots of laughter and good cheer. So that it doesn’t get too competitive, I suggest you mention at the beginning that the goal is fun.

Lately, we’ve been getting out of the house less and less to participate with our children in playground activities, school and other organised parties. All we can do now is to get together at home with family and loved ones to enjoy the good times.

Here are the 7 fun games:

Treasure hunt (for children aged 7-12)

Need: coloured pencils, coloured paper, a surprise for the children

It’s a game that kids love and get excited about right away. I like to divide them into groups of 3-4 kids and have the last clue be part of the final clue. The groups have to discover all the last clue, put them together and all find the treasure. So instead of competition the game becomes collaborative.

They prepare place-specific notes that contain age-appropriate clues for the players, such as:

Turn on the music to find your way (hide the next note around the speaker)

Did you hurt your leg? Use the cold gel pad. (I put the note in the freezer)

How do you say friend in German? Write the word on the board (I write the next clue on the board in German class) and so on.

Does the child have fighting energy? 3 games to play at home.

Toilet paper mummies

Needed: one roll of toilet paper per team

Divide the children into teams of three. One will be the mummy and will be wrapped in toilet paper and the other two will be the helpers, the ones who will wrap him. The game is a competition.

Carrying a ping pong ball in a spoon

Needed: kitchen spoon and ping-pong ball creatively decorated in the theme of the Halloween party, in the shape of eyes.

The children will be divided into groups and will run a set distance with the ball in the spoon. Whoever drops it on the ground will return to the end.

Popping balloons with your seat

Necessary: balloons, pump, candy

Inflate balloons to double the number of children participating. Put a piece of candy in each balloon and tie it. Start the fun and each child pops as many balloons as they can and want by sitting on them.

IMG 8415 rotated

To walk a predetermined route – relay

Required: tape to mark the walking route

Mark the route. It can be linear or make curves, depending on the age and abilities of the children. The children are divided into two teams. The first to finish the route wins.

3 games with emotions for children aged 4 and up

Feed the monster

Needed: Two larger cards, coloured or watercolour paper, balloons, flour

Each team draws and paints or glues with coloured paper a monster face and cuts out a circle with a diameter of about 20 cm at the mouth. Divided into two teams the children throw a ball made from a flour-filled balloon or other object through the monster’s mouth. Each child has three attempts, whoever gets the most wins.

Drive the monster to his house

Needed: white balloons, permanent marker, broomsticks, or other objects to guide the balloon in the air

Divided into teams, each child kicks or guides the ball along a specific route. If the balloon falls on the ground they start again. The team that finishes the route first wins.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for the days ahead. 🙂 You can find us with activities for children in Cluj and Bucharest, especially online. Click on the link for the programme.

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