It’s been a year since we moved online

It’s been a year since the pandemic started and our lives have changed. I think we’ve started to be more grateful for all the things we used to have that aren’t, the little freedoms like the joy of having a coffee on a terrace, going out downtown without a mask, or staying with friends later than 10pm. I at least appreciate it more. And being healthy with family. What are you thankful for?

I work with an after-school where I work a lot with children on emotions, some of them cry very easily and get very angry and others start their puberty early, around the age of 9 and feel the need to talk about what’s going on with their bodies and learn information. So for them and you I decided to organise these online meetings. I enjoy being close to the kids and helping them.

Many parents ask me if what they are doing is good or good enough for their children. And you wonder? I want to assure you that the moment you wonder and ask, you are a good parent, doing the best you can. In fact all parents do the best they can. Be sure of that and give yourself a little trust and understanding and congratulate yourself with a break from whatever you like.

We are proposing two series of online activities for next week for 7-9 and 8-10 year olds.

Recognising, accepting and managing emotions (7-9 years)

Register now on the link, there are only seven places!
The workshop lays the foundation through play for developing children’s ability to identify, accept and manage their emotions in relation to themselves and others. At the end of the workshop they will be explored:

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  • What happens to them physically when they are overwhelmed by emotions and that everyone goes through the same processes (adults or children).
  • How to manage the situation when emotions arise, calming techniques.
  • How to recognise the signs of an emotional crisis in other people.

What is happening to my body (8-10 years old)?

apply now le link, we have five places available

The workshop lays the groundwork for the information children need to know when puberty begins. What we will discuss:
-Physical changes that take place in girls’ and boys’ bodies at puberty
-Hygiene at puberty
-Emotional changes that take place in the body at puberty
-How appropriate it is to express affection and what consent is
-What reproduction means (sperm fertilises egg)
-Where babies are born

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The contribution for the workshops is 50 lei per child. Reservation of place is on full payment basis. Click here to register. For questions or queries call or write to and 0729039511.

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