From tantrums to small successes

What kind of role model are you to your child?

Have you ever wondered what your child understands from the way you interact with them? How do your daily actions shape your child’s future?

I was talking to my friend about this and she said that few parents think about it.Let me tell you about a scene I saw yesterday in the park.Around twelve o’clock, the sun is finally warming up and all the parents with children are out in the central park in Cluj. There are electric cars for rent near the stadium and a grandmother and her father are encouraging the child to drive, excitedly circling around him. WhatsApp Image 2024 03 24 at 12.44.53The grandmother says, moving this way and that:-Hai stomp me! Step on me!Apparently nothing out of the ordinary.But think what the child understands from Grandma’s words?I’ll tell you. It’s okay, it’s really fun to step on someone with a baby carriage.Do you think a three or four year old understands that it’s a certain situation or moment?I assure you, no. At kindergarten when he gets in the stroller, he’s going to run over his classmates because he saw from the park from his grandma that’s the way to play.

The child takes the actions he observes at home and uses them in society.

  • Do you hit your child when you don’t know what else to do to control their behavior? And he will hit.
  • Do you hug him when he doesn’t want to? And he’ll do the same to his peers without reacting if they say no.

Be careful what you do and say, because you, along with those close to you, are the child’s role model and what he sees in you will apply outside the home.Got you thinking? Read also How do we create positive emotions? Three games for children

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