Are you a working mother and don’t know how to get organised?

Gabriela Maalouf, psychotherapist, answers 9 questions.

We’re also starting our Find/give up series on balancing career and family – 9 answers from mums. Each week, I’ll be talking to a working mum about how she manages between work and family. Maybe you can relate to her challenges, manage to find some peace of mind and be kinder to yourself.

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Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Gabriela, a psychotherapist and mother of two children, a 12-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. Gabriela is a dedicated mother but also a career woman, speaker, book author and TV presenter. She combines career and family life as best she can. She’s here to share her insights and advice with other working moms, reminding us that we’re all in this together and that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving the perfect balance.

Interview – emotional organization during the day

Q: What does your ideal morning routine look like for a productive day?

Gabriela: From 9 to 10 I have a coffee and get ready for the day, then I go to work.

Q: What superpower do you wish you had to make life easier as a working mom?

Gabriela: Resilience.

Q: What’s the best trick you’ve learned for delegating household tasks?

Gabriela: I haven’t found one yet. Expressing my emotions and needs works most of the time.

Q: How do you maintain your energy and motivation throughout the day, at home, at work and as a partner in multiple roles?

Gabriela: For me, it’s optimism. I always have the feeling that things will be fine. I’m always surrounded by people and that keeps me happy and energetic.

Q: How do you organise yourself to have quality time for your partner?

Gabriela: My kids are grown now, so it’s easier. Before, I used to call an army of mothers, nannies, neighbours to stay with the kids… 🙂

Q: What fun activities do you do with your kids to take your mind off your worries?

Gabriela: We usually play games, like Mafia, which they’re in love with, and if you want them to enjoy it, you offer them the game no matter how upset they are.

Q: What is your biggest achievement as a mother so far?

Gabriela: I’ve accomplished a lot, but I’m still evaluating the costs (emotional etc.), so I wouldn’t want to talk about them yet.

Q: What advice would you give to other mothers who want to do their best at home and at work?

Gabriela: I would tell them to stop striving for perfection. Perfection and balance don’t exist. They are two abstract concepts that you chase after to no avail. I would advise them to be passionate about what they do, to be grateful for what comes every day and not to forget gratitude.

Gabriela’s story reminds us that there is no recipe for approaching family or career. It’s about finding what works for you and your family and being gentle with yourself along the way. Remember, perfection is an illusion. Embrace the chaos and cherish the moments you have with your loved ones. Thank you, Gabriela, for sharing your wisdom and inspiration with us.

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