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  • Discover their values and make confident decisions
  • Plan ahead for a carefree pregnancy
  • Maintain the relationship with the employer through proactive communication
  • Develop a harmonious relationship with your baby
  • Raising a happy and independent child

Discover from the book

I’m writing for you, a woman who has a professional life that brings you personal and financial satisfaction and wants to become a mother. You ask yourself a thousand questions:

How will I announce it at work?

Who will take my place?

How long will I be home?

Will the baby sleep at night?

Will I get rid of the extra pounds?

I’m also writing for you, the one who has already become a mother and wants to remain an expert in your field and be challenged and appreciated to your true potential. But you also want to be able to do your best for your children at home. Do you feel that this will only happen if you clone yourself or if the day becomes 48 hours long?

Think you can’t have it both ways – either you have to quit your job to educate your kids or neglect them to have a chance at promotion?

P.S. I’m also writing for you, the HR manager, who influences the experience women have in the company. You have the power and responsibility to create a culture of support and understanding for parents, those employees who have the courage to start down this path. Partner with them on this journey and their loyalty and motivation will increase proportionately.

Andreea, 41 years old from Cluj, mother of a little girl

“I prefer to stay with my current employer because my manager is understanding and allows me to organize my work schedule according to my needs with the child. The boss loves the kids and helps us divide the tasks so that we are ok at home and at work. At Global Master I would earn more, but the extra money earned would go to the nanny. There they don’t accept any changes to the schedule.”

Oana Cojuhovschi