Who will you meet?

Oana Cojuhovschi (Vaideanu)

I am a specialist in parenting and socio-emotional development of children. I have been educating myself in the field of parenting for 15 years, where I started attending classes in 2008 when my son was born. Since 2013 I have been a certified trainer and offer personal development workshops for children and adults. I am also specialized in executive management (EMBA class Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien 2012) with 20 years of experience in sales and team coordination.

On a personal level I am an energetic person who is passionate about what I do. I have two children, Vlad 16 years old and Luna 6 months old.

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What are my parenting specialisations?
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  • Urania Cremene – with the conference on self-confidence, then answered Vlad’s questions, click on the link to read the answers. Vlad asks, Urania Cremene answers: How do we get parents to cooperate?
Vlad öi Urania
  • International intensive training on nonviolent communication – coordinated by Klaus Karstaett in Frankfurt and further we deepened nonviolent communication in parenting with Monica Rău’s workshops.
  • Parenting from the Heart, a seminar given by Jack Pransky and extensive training in the three principles given by the same coordinator. Jack is a teacher, author and recognised speaker in the US, more about him here.
  • Pedagogy and practice in social-emotional and character development at Reutgers University, USA.
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Because deepening my knowledge and continuous development is very important to me, in 2024 I start the two-year training with the specialization in parenting offered by the Page Psychology team .


Diana Butnaru

Diana holds a Master’s degree in Psychological Techniques for Behavioral Control and Development of Human Potential, Babes Bolyai University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest. Currently working as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist (CBT) and training in gestalt therapy.

Why did we choose Diana for the team?

She is warm, passionate, energetic, patient, spontaneous, creative, professional and the classic “you can tell you are a psychotherapist and work with children”. After 3 years dedicated to project management and in parallel independent work at the practice, I returned to the root: developing and implementing programs for children, youth and parents. In the last year, the focus has been on client development by facilitating psycho-education workshops and using self-help tools, managing to work with multinationals to increase productivity and team well-being and with groups of children and adolescents to increase social and emotional skills.


Iulia Ceică

Iulia is a graduate of SNSPA and the team’s communication specialist. She has focused on the development of children and adults by promoting outdoor and indoor movement. She offers guidance for those who want to do a sport and an organized framework for sports activities by organizing events. This increases participants’ motivation and confidence in their own strengths.

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Why did we choose Iulia for the team?

Her experience in communicating with adults and children, as well as the patience and calmness with which she deals with the situations she encounters, recommend her highly. Iulia always proposes practical solutions that are easy to apply and are tailored to the needs of those around her.